Used Sheds For Sale: State List

How it works

The way this works is simple: There are 50 pages corresponding with 50 states. 1. Find your state listing.  If you are selling: 2. Leave your listing in the comment section on that page.

3. If you are interested in buying a used shed, look under the state listing where you live, and see if any are listed. If there is anything you are interested in, respond to the listing. 4. Follow the instructions left by the seller, and you are on your way.

5. If there is no for sale listing in your state, you may leave a message with some details about what you need, and there is a good chance that someone will respond. 6. Either way, check back often.

7. Check the other sections of this site for other ways to get bargain priced buildings, such as buying a used shed from a dealer or, Scratch and dent buildings for sale.

Be careful about the contact information you include. We suggest that sellers list their wares on Craigslist or Ebay or a similar venue and then leave a description of the merchandise along with a link back to the other listing here. This doubles the chance of finding a buyer and offers a secure way to sell without jeopardizing your contact information. If you feel you must leave contact information, an email address works best.

Sellers should let us know when a building is sold, so that we can mark it as such, and remove the email addresses.

9 thoughts on “Used Sheds For Sale: State List”

  1. my name is matthew at 37 amber road rocky point ny 11778. phone number 317-8573.
    looking to get a shed 8*10*10 for my backyard. looking for either a used or cheap one asap $100 or less would be thankful.My money is limited due to only getting disability and i need a shed for my electric wheelchair and kids items from their mothers house since they are coming to live with me now. please call me asap and lets make a deal.

    1. Hi I have one available from the Amish w/ramp. Only 6 years old little used. I live in Bowie, MD. 301 535-5365


  2. Looking for a used outdoor storage building ( 8×10 ) or one in similar size. Meta, wood or any material is not an issue, as long as in good shape. My son-in-law has offered to paint it for me.In Jackson MS area. Will pick up if the price is right. I can get a new one at sears for $250.00, however, I would have to assemble. I am disabled an on a fixed income. My wife and I need a storage building to store some of our childrens possesions, until they have holmes, big enough to take them to their holmes. Thank you for your help !!!!!!!

  3. Please put your listings on the State page. There is a dropdown menu in the navigation bar with each state listed. Click on the state where you live, and put your request or your offering there!

  4. Sandra D 816-796-3421 email Need to sell my white storage shed 12x10x12height upper loft storage inside. Built with quality materials you can see. 3 yrs old like new. Built wood frame, panel flooring, lap siding, shingle roof, one double pane window, no electric. Please call ASAP and lets make a deal contact me at any time. Thank you for your help

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